Sunday, January 25, 2009

Retro Apron Inspiration

I have this obsession with retro. I have no idea where it stems from, could be that my mom took me to all the super trendy thrift shops in California when I was younger. Basically I just love anything old. I love to imagine the kind of story that goes along with an antique. Old photographs are so neat as well, we have pictures of my husbands great grandparents and I absolutely adore them. In the Photo his Great Grandma is wearing gorgeous Neclace & earring cameo. I Love admiring Jewelry in the antique shops, and the beautiful craftsmanship that went into each piece. The furniture that I love the most in our home are the antique pieces that have such detailed craftsmanship as well. My mom gave to me a beautiful coat a few years ago that I always wear for winter. It's a classy black peacoat with 3 Large buttons & a brown fur collar. Whenever I wear it I recieve tons of compliments. I guess I just love anything that is timeless. I despise things that will be out of style, season to season pieces/names, what a waste! Anthropologie is my absolute favorite & inspires the creative bones inside my body! They have great antique pieces, though very over priced for a modest budget of mine. When shopping one of my first times there, I was drawn to the beautiful patterns of their aprons. The brand I believe is called Kitchen glam, the lovely lady that designs them has made them reversible wich is a great idea, but caters to the small waisted women of america. I love them alot, but not willing to go on a diet to wear one! ;) Since being inspired by these wonderful aprons, I have stocked up on some great retro apron patterns, that I plan to alter to my liking and have discovered a great website for material. I also have found on the site great patterns for purses/diapee bags/pin cushions/retro pillows etc. some really neat things to create & make my own, & add my creative touch to. My ultimate dream would be to create my own line of homeMade treasures, with retro inspiration & offer a huge selection of one of a kind retro aprons, and other homeMade things. What girl doesnt want to be Gorgeous while shes whipping up dinner? I love to wear an apron while I clean the house actually, and if I could feel gorgeous while cleaning the house too, wonderful! This is just the beginning of ideas I have, there is a whole lot more of the details that I dont want to share because they are REALLY good ones that I want to keep as my own to personalize it, as more than just a retro apron. My hands, heart and head are so anxious! I need to just do it, Ive only been thinking about it for 2 dang years!

MArTha. has the cutest valentines day craft ideas.
There is an adorable homemade fortune cookie idea, made with felt & a few other supplies. I absolutely love this website, and actually have it
as my home page for daily inspiration. Its my go-to for crafty ideas, holiday ideas, and even yummy recipes. Check it out!! I get so excited
for Valentines, not for selfish reasons, but I think its a fun time to show
some love for close friends. Im so excited for Valentines this year!

Friday, January 23, 2009

Lia Sophia

So the new spring/summer Lia Sophia
Catalog is out & I am so excited.